I am trying to find the album containing the songs I played in the link I attached below. The file I linked is of me playing two 20 second clips on the piano of songs that came out on the same New Age album back in the 90's or so, the first clip on my recording was track 1 or 2 of the album, and the second clip of my recording was track 7 or 8 of the album. This album was of Windham Hill or Narada Artists or something of that nature. It was possibly Celtic type New Age. I am wondering what the song names of either one of these are, and even better, the name of the album that these were on since the whole album was really good. The album had about 12 or so tracks on it, and came out around the 90's possibly as late as 2001 and as early as the late 80's. Thank you in advance.



Well through some miracle I finally found it! The CD is called Celtic Journey, and the two songs that I was thinking of were: Cry of the Wind which is the 2nd track and Ancient Wisdom which is the 5th track. About 30 minutes ago I typed in "a list of new age celtic cds" on google images and came across "celtic night" which I then looked up "celtic night" on youtube and the first result was Celtic Journey! It was an absolute miracle. I had it wrong, the first song I played in the recording is the 5th track, and the 2nd song I played in the recording is the 2nd track.


Can you remember anything about the instrumentation? And were both songs by the same artist?

They sort of sound like Gary Stadler to me, in which case maybe you could look over Sequoia records from the aughts to see if anything rings a bell!

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    First of all thank you for taking the time to respond! It wasn't Gary Stadler or Sequoia records, but you got me thinking in the right direction to finally type in the correct set of words to search for. It's called Celtic Journey. youtube.com/…
    – Adam
    Sep 15 '16 at 7:35
  • Fantastic!! Looks like a good album, as well.
    – Buzz
    Sep 22 '16 at 0:57

Shazam believes the first is called Under Your Mind by a band named Cell. It also believes the 2nd one is Summer Garden by Rob Costlow.

I youtubed both tracks and can only assume that Shazam is smacked on heroin, because neither of them is really close.

Lesson here: There's a reason the Shazam app is free.

  • Yeah I tried Shazam on my piano playing of the clips, of course that wasn't going to work. Now that I know the names of the songs, I played the actual recordings into Shazam, and it still doesn't recognize them. Shazam is great for most songs, but when it comes to the songs that just aren't that well known such as the songs that I was trying to find here, it fails, and it can be frustrating!
    – Adam
    Sep 22 '16 at 4:52

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