I'm a huge fan of Echoes (the syndicated ambient/electronic radio show), and a couple of years ago heard a track on it that piqued my interest.

It featured a female vocalist and was fairly minimalist in its production, but beat-oriented. One might call it trip-hop, definitely wasn't EDM. Lyrics included space imagery, maybe the phrase "planets conform(?) and collide." I found the playlist from the show and Googled it, finding a video which appeared to be computer-generated animation imitating a complex, layered, dynamic silhouette of a semicircle in the lower half of the window, slowly rotating, with multiple moving elements, also in silhouette. There were factories, power lines, humanoid/robotic figures, etc.

Fast forward several months, I'd forgotten the name of the song, artist, everything about it. Googling lyrics I thought I recalled got me nowhere, as did Googling any/every combo of keywords from my description above.

Can anyone shed any light (pun intended) on the origin/identity of this video?

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