I've played a song in StepMania a long time ago, and in its animated music video, there were teenagers skateboarding in China or Japan (probably Tokyo).

Here are some elements that are in it:

  1. Rock-ish tune.
  2. A man singing in Chinese or Japanese (more like shouting at points)
  3. To my memory, the english name of the song was 5 characters long, however, I'm unsure of this.
  4. At the end of the song, there we're long press arrows required. They we're green in the game and appeared at least at the normal difficulty.

What could possibly be the name of the song?


The song you're talking of is Chain, by Back-On. The video described is Air Gear Opening.

Instead of skateboards, they used roller shoes.


The only song I can think of is

Anamanaguchi - Skate Or Live

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    Thanks for the answer, but unfortunately, that's not it :( I'll add more keynotes to my question. – Yytsi Oct 30 '16 at 8:34

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