I'm trying to identify a song by a female 80's pop group.

Here are the lyrics I remember:

It's the story of my life if you want to know
a play where everything is meant to be
you're the story of my life and I can't let you go

I found it ! I hope this the right one, Story Of My Life, by the danish band Blast.

It is from 1986 and sang by the female singer Lise Dandanell. The lyrics you quoted start at 1:13.

It could be: The Story Of My Life - Neil Diamond?

Here are part of the lyrics:

You're the story of my life,

And every word is true

Each chapter sings

your name Each page begins with you


The story of my life

Is very plain to read

It starts the day you came

It ends the day you leave

Here is the link for full lyrics:

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