I'm looking for a song whose backing track is used frequently as the mood-setting music for "quiet storm" format late-night radio. It consists largely of a long series of quarter notes, about 120 bpm, probably with synthesized strings. The notes start out on the tonic and then jump up a fifth after the first measure. The entire piece gives off a strong impression of a clock ticking, probably because of the two-per-second quarter notes.

There is an actual song that goes with this track --I've heard it a couple times, but haven't been able to understand any lyrics. The vocals are more atmospheric than anything else.


Bebs' comment inspired me to do a search for "quiet storm background music." Apparently I'm not the only person who has searched long and hard for this song --I found it here on another forum.

It is English avant-garde synthpop group Art of Noise doing a song called "Moments in Love." Apparently they were innovators with then cutting-edge sampling technology, and were known for creating atmospheric musical collages, which definitely describes this song.

In addition to being frequently used to establish the "quiet storm" sexy R&B mood, it was sampled for Mya's debut single "It's All About Me"

  • I'm listening right now and it's astonishing, beautiful... I can't describe better the sensation. Thank you :) Mar 7 '17 at 15:53
  • There are also multiple versions of that song, meaning multiple versions by Art of Noise. They are pretty similar, but it's still interesting to hear them. One was used in the movie "Pumping Iron II - The Women" of all places... discogs.com/…
    – cnamejj
    Aug 14 at 16:59

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