I'm creating a playlist and want to include certain songs released as singles in a previous year, but were also released on an album the following or vice-versa.


Kendrick Lamar

Released "i" in 2014 as a single, which later featured on Pimp a Butterfly in 2015.


Released "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)" in 2016 as a single, the song was previously included on her 2015 album, 25.

Lady Gaga

Released "Paparazzi" in 2009 from her 2008 album, The Fame.

Would it be reasonable to lump the 2014 single into a Best of 2015 playlist?

  • If you really want to sort by date, the important date would be when it peaked on the charts - which might be neither of those dates. Some singles don't chart until they're featured in a movie or TV show. Commented Jun 4, 2020 at 16:35

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My opinion is a song's true release date is the date it was published, not the date of it being played live on album or introduced as a single live. The true date is the date when it appears on CD or DVD or SACD, whatever.


If a song is released as a single, that is its release date. Subsequent inclusion on an album does not change that date.

For example, Blur released She's So High as a single in 1990; it was then included on their Leisure album, released in 1991. The release date of She's So High remains 1990.

(source: Discogs)

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