I've been trying to identify a song from a music video I saw a while back.

The song I'm fairly sure was titled "Soul" or something similar. It is possible that was actually the band's name, but I doubt it.

The video was broadcast on the channel MTVU, and it appeared to be rotoscoped or at least animated in a similar style. I saw the video in September or October of 2016, so I'm under the assumption that the song is from the year 2016. I could possibly be wrong on that point, though.

The video featured two men, each seemingly fathers undergoing parallel stories. One appears to be a business man while the other had a guitar. Both of them buy small knitted gifts, presumably for their children. One buys a small yellow hat and the other a yellow pair of mittens. One of them gets on a plane that begins to have engine failure while the other has his briefcase stolen and his glasses break. Then there is some kind of "superhero" motif, where the two men each fly from their desolate situations. They each arrive home scuffed up to what appear to be their wives and the video ends with each of them holding up the gifts for their child and smiling. The video often shows these two stories together in a split screen format.

I cannot recall any specific lyrics, as at the time I couldn't make the song out clearly enough.

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