On the intro of the song Police - Roxanne we can hear a weird piano chord (just before someone's laughing). The piano doesn't seem to feature elsewhere on the song.

Did they ask for a pianist to come and play just one chord? Is he credited? Or is it unintentional, a blooper forgotten in the final mix?

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I found out it was unintended and a fun fact.

In 2000, Vic Gabarini published in interview with the band, on Revolver Magazine. Here is an extract :

Revolver: On Roxanne, the band's first big hit, there's a laugh followed by a weird piano chord in the beginning. What the hell was that all about?

Copeland: Tell them what really happened, Sting. Tell them about that brilliant musical moment of yours.

Sting: I was just about to sing the first line of this celebrated song when I noticed there was an upright piano next to the microphone. I was feeling tired - I'd been up all night for some reason - so I just sort of sat down. I though the piano lid was closed, but it was open, so I wound up playing this incredible chord with my a$$. It was this atonal sort of cluster that went really nicely against the chords we were playing. We thought it was funny, so we left it in.

Summers: And real musicians can tell he's playing more from the left buttock than the right.

Sources : The Police website, Sting website


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