I am looking for rock and metal bands who recorded albums with real orchestras. Examples:

  • Scorpions And Berliner Philharmoniker - Moment Of Glory (2000)

  • Within Temptation and Metropole Orchestra - Black Symphony (2008)

  • Metallica with The San Francisco Symphony - S&M (Symphony and Metallica)

I know that "rock" and "metal" are very wide genres of music, but I think I don't have to be very specyfic because there are not so many albums like this and I think I like all kinds of rock.

I'm a bit new on this part of StackExchange network, so if something is wrong with my question please don't downvote my question too hard.

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Quite a bit older, but I would include:

The Moody Blues with the London Festival Orchestra - Days of Future Passed (1967)


And other old ones:

  • Procol Harum: Live with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
  • Deep Purple: Concerto for Group and Orchestra

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