I remember a song with the words 'I'm moving on" in the lyrics, which was popular in the 1973-1974 time period, and was sung by Dionne Warwicke or someone similar. Internet searches have not helped. Can anyone help?


Possible songs it could be:

The last option seems most probable, as it's a song from the 70's from Dionne Warwick, as said in the question.

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    Yes! It's Dionne Warwicke. Listening to it on YouTube, and I can confirm that's the song I remember along with the reference to "Robinson" which I thought was too weird to put in the question. Thanks, and a huge comment on the power of the internet and stackexchange, this is a question I have searching for many many years.
    – stackex555
    Dec 5 '16 at 4:54

Could it be Chyvonne Scott - I'm Moving on ?

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