I am looking for the name of the song that's played in this movie called Sky Fighters or Les Chevaliers du ciel which I saw almost 9 years back.

It's played in the scene when two French Air Force pilots (who were tasked with finding a stolen Mirage 2000) finally locate the stolen/Rouge Mirage 2000 (which was hiding under an Airbus or something) and are ordered to escort it back, but the pilot of the stolen Mirage doesn't agree and tries to escape.

Link to the Video where the song is played (around 3:30)


This is a tough one. On the end of this song, Girl Talk, by Chris Corner (from the official Soundtrack) you can hear the same tune that figures on the link.

However, the whole song you are looking for doesn't feature in the official Soundtrack.

But, here are the final credits and the music list:

credits1 credits2

My guess, for the song you are looking for would be Sacrifice by Chris Corner. This song has no credit lyrics and vocals and does not feature in the Official Released Soundtrack. Also I did not find it on the Internet, so good luck!

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