This is regarding the song She Drives Me Wild from the album Dangerous by Michael Jackson.

I have checked in many places on the Internet but the lyrics for the rap portion in this song are not published anywhere (including the CD sleeve).

  1. Is there a reason for that?
  2. What are the lyrics for the rap portion in the song?

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Partial answer. I assume the rap portion you're referring to is part:

Please, no, keep back, I can't take it / You're drivin' me wild / I might not make it / You got me lookin' like buckwheat, oh / Hair pulled every which way but me / Far from Medusa, but your looks are deadly / You're walkin' soft, still I hear the medley / Uh, shiver my timberland boots, cramped my style / She drives me wild (source)

As for why it's not been officially released... I have not been able to find any definitive information. My guess (based only off of personal observations) is that it's due to the Rap being performed by a different artist (Aquil Davidson), and publishing issues related to that.

  • Ah thanks for the lyrics @Lin. Heavy-D rapped in the same album in the song Jam which didn't seem to have a problem being published. I've always wondered if Aquil got dropped from being credited by mistake.
    – John
    Mar 17, 2015 at 14:25
  • the first part remaining unanswered. But I suppose this will have to do for now.
    – John
    Dec 6, 2016 at 5:51

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