In the TV series Fargo's episode The Myth of Sisyphus (S02E03), officer Lou Solverson meets Mike Milligan and the Kitchen Brothers and they have these lines:

LOU: You wouldn't, by any chance, be Mike Milligan and the Kitchen Brothers, would you?
MIKE: You make it sound like a prog rock band. "Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Mike Milligan and the Kitchen Brothers."

I like rock prog, but I don't remember listening to a band with a similar name. Does this name refer to a particular band, or maybe a mix of several band names?

The action takes place in 1979 so the showrunners are probably refering to bands that predate this time.

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    TBH, I can't think of anything LESS like a stereotypical prog-rock band name than MM and the KB. Getting subjective here, I realise, but to me the name suggests a generic bar band or band reviving an old style like jugband or trad jazz. I don't recall a band from the initial prog-rock era with a name anything like that.
    – Angst
    Jan 24 '17 at 19:25

The Chambers Brothers were a well-known band from that general time period that fit the "[X] Brothers" format. They are generally classified as psychedelic, but can arguably be considered early forerunners of prog.

"[X] and the [Y]" is a long-standing standard way of naming a band that has a separate identity than the lead singer. But there's no well-known prog rock band called "[X] and the [Y] Brothers."

I suspect the show wanted to make a "rock band name" joke, and threw in the modifier "prog" as a misguided attempt at period authenticity.

  • I can think of Allman Brothers Band, also from this time area, but still not prog rock.
    – Bebs
    Feb 27 '18 at 9:35

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