I watched a music video recently that was by an artist whose name I can't remember, possibly featuring another artist. The song was in a Vevo Top Dance Playlist on a United flight (probably why I can't find it now in the Vevo channel on youtube).

The music video followed four kids, two boys and two girls, and their youth playing together at the side of a lake. They played around with animal masks and the video flashed between them grown up and them as children.

Does anyone know this video? Much appreciated if anyone has come across it at all!


Duuuuude!!! I know exactly what song you’re talking about, and came across this blog while looking for it too, it’s too funny.

That song randomly played on my Pandora one day and I couldn’t believe it! I was looking for this song for hours. Here it is (notice that there is a featuring artist):

Kings of Summer (ft. Quinn XCII) - ayokay

  • Adults (two women and two men) with animal masks:

photo adults with masks

  • Kids (two girls and two boys) with animal masks next to a lake:

enter image description here



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