I've been looking for this song for more than 12 years already and asking others for help is my last resort.

The song was not a big hit, though you could often hear it on the radio or see the video on VIVA channel (the German version, I don't think my native language one existed yet).

The song was very 'sugary cute' and sung by a girl, I think she could be white but I'm not sure. I remember the music video to feature her driving in a car in the summer. Pinkish warm colour scheme. I remember xylophone-ish elements when it comes to the melody.

When it comes to lyrics - I can't help you much, I was around eight and knew maybe 20 words in English, so now I can only tell you that the chorus could contain words 'everyone loves to travel' and 'near and far' or 'gather' in a following line.

It could have aired anywhere between summer 1999 to winter 2001.

I'm sorry, this is as specific as I can manage.

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  • I only just now "discovered" IMVDb (= database of music videos, apparently) at imvdb.com. Might you consider searching there? You can browse music videos by year of release date and, in some cases, by month. Mind you, there are several hundred entries that you'd have to look through for the time range you mention, and also less-popular videos might not be listed there. But anyway it's a lead.
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This could be Donna Lewis "I love you always forever" from 1996. Here is the part of the lyrics you might remember:

Everywhere I will be with you. Everything I will do for you. I love you always forever. Near and far, closer together.

Though the official video does not fit your description. However, the video to Alanis Morissette's "Ironic" is set in a car and it came out in the same year 1996. Maybe you mixed up both songs?

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    I know both of these songs, so they would be impossible to mix up. And the melody is completely different. But I would really like to thank you for your time! Didn't think anyone would reply.
    – Susie
    Mar 5, 2017 at 21:13

My best guess: The Cardigens "My Favorite Game" hot girl in a car who drives recklessly

Dee-lites, Groove is in the Heart (contains the pink theme (it's 1990 and no xylophone or car).

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