In the song Lieder, Adel Tawil references in almost each line a (usually popular) song.

The German Wikipedia article about this song lists the references in a table. However, three lines are missing a reference:

  • from the refrain:

    Und ich singe diese Lieder,

  • from the third strophe:

    Ich sang nur noch für mich,

    für ’ne unendlich lange Zeit.

Are these references, too?


I don't think these are quotes from songs. The first quote just means "And I am singing these songs." The second quote is a reference to the time between the end of his boy band The Boyz and the founding of Ich+Ich with Annette Humpe. It translates to:

I only sang for myself
for an infinitely long time

Then it continues "und dann traf ich auf sie", that is "and then I met her" meaning Annette. It then continues with lines taken from Ich+Ich songs.

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