I remember watching a cover video by them a few years ago, all i can remember is:
-They were brunettes with brown eyes
-They were fairly new and only had one cover song at the time
-They were both barefoot and one sat on the floor playing the keyboard
-The video was shot low light in side
-One twin played keyboard and may of been a back up vocalist
-The other twin only sung if i remember correctly
-They are from eastern europe
-They have a youtube account together

If i remember anything else i'll add it

Incorrect guesses so far:
-Vanessa and veronica merrell
-Sara and Tegan


Your description males me think of the Merrell Twins.


  • They are both brunettes with brown eyes.

  • In the music video of their song Expectation vs Reality, one plays the piano (and the video comes from their youtube account):

enter image description here


Sounds like Teagan and Sara to me!

  • Oh! In that case it sounds more like taTu. – DecemberKat Mar 25 '17 at 2:13
  • They aren't twins and one of them is ginger, but atleast we are getting closer lol – Amadeus Mar 25 '17 at 2:15

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