This is a more or less well known song, with famous versions, e.g. by Dolly Parton et al.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnhNhDwlLyQ

I have seen it credited to Mavis Staples, but I guess there is a previous version.

Oddly enough it does not have a Wikipedia page :O

Thank you!

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The liner notes for Trio credit this to "Roebuck Staples/Wesley Westbrooks".

  • Roebuck was "Papa" Staples, the founder of the Staples Singers.
  • Wesley has various credits on discogs. He was a musician in the jazz and gospel traditions, and subject of a biog by Dick Weissman ("Wes Westbrooks: A Life In and Out of Gospel Music and Jazz") which is mentioned in other books of his, but I can't see in print.

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