I'm trying to identify a music video about which I have been thinking again lately. I watched this in my childhood and I'm afraid I only remember a few impressions.

The video itself was from the 80s or 90s and a woman was singing. The genre of the video was pop and from its style like Madonna or The Bangles.

I remember that the woman is walking around in a castle and the whole video is held in a melancholic mood, like she was singing about lost love, but I don't remember any of the lyrics. At some part of the video, she passes a man dressed as Santa, who is standing an alcove of the castle and there are bars in front of him. The woman passes him by and looks sad when she looks at him.

Unfortunately this is all I remember, but I hope someone might recognize this video.

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Is it possibly Madonna's controversy-courting "Like a Prayer" video? The time period and the style matches, and although the details are different, that could result from childhood misunderstandings.

The main clue is the man in the cage, not Santa in a castle, but a statue of a black saint in a church.

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