Today while shopping there was this song from Rihanna playing. She and some rapper (I think he sounded like Sean Paul) were singing alternately. It sounded like a pop-rap mix.

There was this line in the refrain being something like "(Rihanna) :"Let there be no other" (male rap voice): "let there be no one". A characteristic thing was, that Rihanna's "other" was going through a few musical notes. (I think this is how you say it, I'm no musician.)

Does anyone know what song this could be?

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    I don't know the song, but the vocal technique you're talking about is called "melisma." Apr 7, 2017 at 17:35

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The song you're looking for is: Future - Selfish (feat. Rihanna).

  • Future is a male rapper and you may find that he sounds like Sean Paul.

  • The chorus has a line sung by Rihanna and repeated by Future that says:

    Let's not be alone

enter image description here

  • The word "alone" is indeed sung with multiple notes by Rihanna.

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