Recently I heard a song in the radio that was quite funny. I could not get the exact lyrics (because it was so random) - but there was a female voice (sounded very similar like google's artifical voice) that stated some random facts about stuff that could be taked straight from the internet.

The refrain performed an actual female singer and there was some text about "facts of life" in the refrain. The song genre was more (electronic) pop - but I'm not very sure. Could anybody give me hint?


For some reason, the very likely correct answer by mlod has been deleted, so I rewrite it here:

Facts of Life by Lazyboy. Amusing song, like you said.

The "song" features odd bits of trivia being recited by an emotionless female voice with a British accent, over an electronica inflected adult contemporary backing track with an acoustic guitar. The chorus does indeed include the words "facts of life" in addition to it being the song title.


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