there is this song which had animated or anime video. A guy goes into a bar and there is this beautiful girl with long hair and big breast. and later her hair turns into snake like medusa. it has a rock song I think released anywhere after 2010. was really famous on vh1. please help


The description fits Bad Rain by Slash. There's a an animated music video with a guy going into a bar

enter image description here

Watching long-haired, big-breasted stripper:

enter image description here

And she's later releasing a snake from a tattoo on her back (this part differs a bit from description as her hair doesn't actually transform; still a snake is a snake):

enter image description here

The video was released in 2012 and Slash is obviously a rock performer.

Link to a music video.

Not sure about vh1 bit since I've never watched this channel.

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