So the video starts off with two kids a boy and a girl and are around maybe 10 years old maybe or 8 years old (who are both speaking Spanish by the way). They wake up and find that their parents are gone and not only their parents but everyone in their town is gone. And so they pack up and try to find people and I know there's a scene where I'm pretty sure they destroy a car but I mean who wouldn't if no one existed. So they're traveling and they come across a big furry to totoro like monster in like a cave and the monster is cool. Then it shows us that there's a bunch of kids and they're all running around having a blast and there's also a bunch of other alien looking monsters but I mean they must be good cause they're not attacking anyone. And that's all I really remember I've looked everywhere for it and if you can help it would be awesome.So I watched the video maybe 5 or 6 years ago at least. I don't remember any females singing I'm pretty sure it was a band of guys. Hmm it wasn't heavy metal or anything it was more like pop maybe I don't remember much about the actual sound of it to be honest.


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