The song "Monsters and Demons" by Danny Farrant & Paul Rawson is from a Rock/Country album called Dark Country 4.

I don't know anything about the album except that it was released by a label called "Extreme Music" & the names of the artists in that album.

Related YouTube link.


I contacted the company that made de song, extremEMusic.


They didn't reveal the identity of the female lead singer; However they listed other tracks where she sings:

Thanks for your email. The composers used a session singer, she sings on the following tracks in the catalogue:

From the album Dark Country 4:

From the album Garage Blues 4 (Spotify links):


The "female" singer is actually one of the 2 guys .

Autotuned voice. Every female voice on their track is one of the guys.

almost convinced me it was a female. heh

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