I knew an "old" (few years ago) house song "El canto della sirena la novia del pescador". you can listen to it at this link.

ok, got the instrument (flute or similar), tempo and "atmosphere". i call it in fact a fisherman (pescador!!!) song for that whistle-like flute cause it makes me think of a fishing boat, no matter the lyrics.

tonight i was listening to the radio and got a very similar song, almost sure it was a song from same artist. very same instrument, faster tempo and same "fisherman" inspiration. no lyrics. SoundHound did not work 3 times.

Can you help me identify the song? i managed to find that the original canto della sirena could have been by Gigi de Martino, or that perhaps he made the remix i linked in my first link.

The song i am looking for is very similar to the one i linked. i am no musician while i can whistle it i can't say the notes.


Found from the voice of its author during a radio show


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