What is this song in this YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RcW3-3W3Xw ?

The title of the video is "【手描きHQ】飛雄と及川で威../風.堂/".

Someone said commented that it is Pomp and Circumstance, but I can neither find the original recording nor the original artist of this song.

Each time I use Google or Bing, I keep getting covers and graduation stuff, and this song definitely does not play at graduation.


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Comments under the YT video suggest that the 2 characters are from a (volleyball-themed) manga/anime series called Haikyuu, and that the song's Romaji title is " Ifuudoudou " and the video is a cover by Shoose of the original.

Following that trail led via this other video of Shoose's version which gives the info that the original is by Luka, Miku, Gumi, IA & Rin

Further info on the song : page has "explicit themes" warning BTW.

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