I am curious on whether any songs still exist from Roman Empire (before the split, so ca. 27 BC – 395 AD), from the Greek period (Alexander the Great to the end of the Seleucid Empire, so ca. 356 BC - 63 BC), or earlier.

What's the oldest known song that is still played today?


It depends what you mean by "still played today". The earliest known collection of notated music are the Hurrian Songs which contains the Hurrian Hymn No. 6 that was written circa 1400 BC. There is a recording of it here played on a Lyre.

In answering on whether it is "still played today", there is a Lyrist called Michael Levy who performs this piece and other ancient pieces of music. There is a video from 2012 of him playing this piece. That's the most recent recording I can find of it.


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