I am looking for a music video clip from some time after 2015. I don't remember how the song was but I recall what was going on.

The video clip was a mix between animated sequences and human played sequences.

At first, there is a man in a caravan looking at some pictures. I think he looks at them with regret.

Then, we see him younger in front a car repair shop looking at some ballerinas practicing. It would seem he fell in love with one of them. They're looking at each other when the instructor comes and interrupt them.

Then, we see her at a ballet performance. She dance but she looks unhappy. She flee the stage to rejoin her lover. They go on a ride on a moto under the stars until they reach a cliff and the kiss. During the ride, we see a passerby looking at them. She also holds him tightly.

The ballet girl gains success. It would seem she performed at a lot of stage. We see her on a bigger stage than before. At the end, she is on the stage with flower on her arm like she won some sort of competition. Her producer (who looks like a famous american actor) then compliments her. At the after, the producer and the dancer gets closer. It is noticed by her love interest.

The next scene is under the rain. The car repair guy is looking at a window. It was the hotel of the girl. He sees the producer and the dancer kissing (at least he thinks so). He goes back dropping the ring he had.

Then, the big reveal, the producer was the same man that the one we saw during the ride.

Finally, we go back to the caravan with the man looking at the pictures with regret and we understand that it was the car repair guy all along.

The dancer was blond. The car repair guy have black hair.

I am not sure about the genre but I think the video popped in the youtube recommendation when I was looking at music from Siames (indie rock), Caravan Palace (electroswing) or Slightly Left of Center (electro pop).

  • What decade, approximately?
    – xhienne
    Jul 28, 2017 at 1:51
  • I think it went on sales after 2015
    – Exalton
    Aug 1, 2017 at 9:43

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This is The Killers' 2012 hit Miss Atomic Bomb

In the video you can see the mix of animation and live action, and the storyline described in the question. See also this summary from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miss_Atomic_Bomb

The music video begins with an elderly man sitting alone in his trailer home, reflecting on his past when he notices a letter on his doormat. The memories take form in animation, featuring the man in his youth, depicted as an animated Brandon Flowers, in the company of his band (animated versions of Keuning, Stoermer, and Vannucci). He is watching a young girl's (Izabella Miko) dance recital from his garage when she notices him observing her, before they are interrupted by her teacher who draws the curtains. However, he later seeks her out at her home, and it is presumed that they fall in love with each other....

The central love triangle in this video was foreshadowed in one of the videos to their earlier song, Mr. Brightside.

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