Since a few months ago there is a song that I cannot find its name. Its from Gangstar Vegas, if there is someone playing this too.

Im not an english native speaker so all I had understand is

"Cuz Iiiiiiiiiiii don't wanna diiiiie....You can feel it in my bones"
"So saaaaaaaave meeeee, cuz I dont wanna die".

It' s kinda alternative-rock song, I mean it seems with many songs of Imagine Dragons. Maybe you can help me ?

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    Can you add a link to where we can hear the song ?
    – Angst
    Jul 25 '17 at 18:11

The song Kill or Be Killed by Dirty Sweet is in Gangstar Vargas OST.

It does also have the lyrics:

So save me ( . . . )
Cause I don't wanna die ( . . . )
It blackened my soul to the pit of my bones

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