In the movie Baby Driver, Miles "Baby" records pieces of dialogue and creates his own mixtapes in his home studio which includes various analog equipment.

I'm mostly interested in one which was used during recording Was he Slow? tape and looked like a mini-table drums, but I would like to know all the instruments in whole song.

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The original track is made by Kid Koala. You can see the whole recording session in the movie, here.

The table drums you are looking for is a Yamaha DD-20 (4-Pad Digital Drums)


The other devices or instruments he uses are:

  • Casio TA-10 Electronic Organ.


32 keys electronic keyborad that features a tape recorder/player. Miles' model has a broken cassette cover.

  • Casio CTK-411 Electronic Organ.


49 keys keyboard, probably a little damaged as we can't see the yellow buttons on his one.

  • Olympus L200 Pearlcorder (Dictaphone).



Stylophone maker Dubreq has revealed that it has been inundated with orders after its iconic mini synthesizer was featured in Hollywood blockbuster Baby Driver. MI Pro

  • Califone Cardmaster 2000.


This device is used to improve speech and language learning. People can record sentences on a magnetic card, then read it with different speed. That's how Miles does the scratch effect on the recorded sentence "Was he slow?".

A youtuber, Techmoan, made a video about this audio equipment that featured in the movie.

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