I love reading the liner notes and short texts that come inside classical CDs and concert programs. Can you recommend a compilation of these in book form? Either by multiple authors or one, but definitely shorter reading.

  • Are liner notes ever collected in a book ? It's an interesting idea, but I've never heard of this. A compilation of these from a particular writer or for a particular concert hall or record label could make sense, I guess. – Angst Oct 5 '17 at 21:19

Your best bet is to look for compilations of program notes written for performing organizations. Such as:

  • Michael Steinberg "The Symphony", "The Concerto", "Choral Masterworks"

  • Jonathan Kramer "Listen to the Music"

  • David Ewen "The World of Twentieth-Century Music"

There are a few others worth looking for. The Steinberg and Kramer books are still in print, I think, and are available via Amazon, etc.

A. R.

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