As far as I remember:

  • In this music video, there're few words.
  • For the entire duration of video, a photographer makes photos of some girl walking around.
  • The girl is probably unaware.
  • The video ends at the beach, where the two seem to be together.
  • The girl has a lot of dark makeup around her eyes.

Tried to google in various ways and checking top lists for 2017 and 2016, but didn't find it. Hard to search for keywords such as 'photographer' and 'model' :(


Tried to remember more details about it.

  • For the duration of the video, noone is (visually) speaking or singing. The girl walks, the photographer makes photos.
  • Unfortunately, the sound's volume was pretty low where I saw it, and I couldn't identify any words or even language.
  • The video contains pretty much nothing else but girl walking at different locations, photographer standing at some distance and making photos, photographer's lab where taken photos can be seen, and the beach where video ends.
  • Next in the playlist were 'Sting - Desert Rose' and some unidentified band from 1960's, so I would expect the playlist covers many years.
  • I'm from Russia, and the video was certainly not Russian.
  • I can't remember seeing the video before.
  • From the overall good quality of video, I would say it should be something well-known. The video is color and appears to be high-res, so I would expect it was made after 2000.
  • I saw it on custom playlist in a cafe.
  • Both the girl and photographer have appearance of white (Caucasian) models.
  • I remember seeing a video like this. But the models were definitely not "white" and the video was not so colourful either. So may be a different song but quite similar MVs.
    – Curiousity
    Sep 21 '17 at 9:23

I was lucky to see it again. It turns out to be Mahmut Orhan - Feel feat. Sena Sener


I suggest New Found Glory's Dressed To Kill.

The guy is watching pictures of the girl on his computer and the girl has dark eyelashes.

However the video is from 2009, and doesn't end at the beach.

  • Thanks for trying! Unfortunately, this is not the one I saw.
    – Codeguard
    Sep 13 '17 at 12:07

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