this has been really bugging me lately. Someone quoted a German song along the lines of "Das wirklich Wichtige ist, dass ich nicht denke, sondern vergesse" ("The important thing is that I don't think, but forget"), and I have not been able to identify the song it came from.

Google has only provided me with quotes about forgetting and stuff, but no songs that match. I know that the song is somewhere in the repertoire of Singstar, though because it had been mentioned in the context of the conversation.

Unfortunately I do not have any melody, because it was really just this one quote I was told. And it was not possible to get any further information from the person quoting.

Any help with identifying this song would be really appreciated!

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    Have you look in Singstar catalogue of German language songs ? – Angst Sep 17 '17 at 18:32
  • @Angst I actually hadn't found that page yet, thank you! Unfortunaley you can't search for lyrics and none of the titles I read jumped at me like "this is it" – Namnodorel Sep 17 '17 at 19:52

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