I just found these in a pack of bands stickers, but I'm not sure where are they from.

enter image description here

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The first two are from a streetwear brand called Mishka (Death Adders)


Not sure about all of them, but the green one is Radiohead, according to a quick search of the internet. Have you tried searching Google for similar images?

  • Radiohead, really?, Thanks for that. I tried google (images search too) but didn't get lucky. But as I was still curious (and stubborn) I decided to try here.
    – joel
    Sep 20, 2017 at 20:40

Band's stickers? Odd.

Image #1 - Addict X Mishka Co-Lab: Joint venture between Addict and Mishka clothing lines. The veiled bear image can be seen halfway down the page.

Image #2 - Mishka Death Adders: A NYC clothing company product logo.

Image #3 - Radiohead 'Kid A' Bear: Used for Radiohead's 2001 "Kid A" release, and then sparingly after that, until 2010.

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