Recently I heard a german song with the following story told:

A man (who was named, but I forgot it) visits a church and talks to the pastor about an absolution. He spends a lot of time talking about it (this is abbreviated in the song) and the pastor is not paying full attention as in his mind he is already counting the money the man will have to pay for this.
Shortly before finally paying the man asks if he can get absolution for not yet committed sins. The pastor, quite happy, agrees and asks which sins the man is asking about. He wants to commit murder, robbery and blasphemies. The pastor gives the cost and is subsequently slain by the man. He takes the money and leaves the church.

Sadly I don't know much more because it played in an endless playlist on the device of someone else. I heard it recently, but I neither know the band nor the release date.

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    Could you describe the music style?
    – Arsak
    Sep 23 '17 at 9:46

The song I was looking for is called "Paules Beichtgang" by "Versengold".

It is part of the album "Im Namen des Folkes" and was published on 25. January 2013.

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