I recently listened to Little Barrie's I Can't Wait from their album King of the wave.

In the first few seconds there is a guitar part that just sounds awesome. But it also stops right after 10 seconds. I want to know if this part is a cover or a sample of an older song. And if not where I could find similar music (genre,band) to the first 10 seconds.

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This is a fairly standard electric guitar riff, and unlikely to be a sample or a cover. Your best bet on finding similar music is to look for electric blues or blues rock. It sounds like this riff is using a slide, so you might add that into your search. Compare, for example, this recent electric blues piece by Gary Clark Jr. (there's a long section near the beginning which is all one note, but then it goes into a section very much like your clip).

Blues is a primarily African-American style of music with a strong connection to the musical styles of West Africa. Here in the United States it developed out of the repetitive choral work songs used by (primarily black) sharecroppers, chain-gang prisoners and railroad workers. WC Handy, an African-American musicologist, developed it into a popular style based on the use of "blue notes," which approximated notes from West African scales not found in European music.

Blues developed both into a rural acoustic form called "country blues" that influenced country music and later country rock (see this question), and an electrified urban form that was a direct ancestor of early rock and roll. Another infusion of blues into rock came via British invasion bands such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Led Zepplin, all of whom idolized blues musicians like Muddy Waters and B. B. King. Blues-inspired rock guitar riffs remain common across many styles of modern rock.

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