I bought a Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band vinyl record from an old bookshop. I bought it for €20 (euros) which is very close to what it would cost in both British Pounds and US dollars. I later discovered it was red and slightly translucent. The label says EMI Parlophone - stereo PCS. 7027 and made in 1970. The vinyl and sleeve feels, looks and sounds brand new. I was wondering if this is an original vinyl or just some random copy? Thanks. (https://i.stack.imgur.com/jYXDy.jpg)enter image description here


I'm not 100% sure, but your description seems to match this release on Discogs:

Unofficial, UK; Repress from 2011. Red vinyl, Black/silver Parlophone label EMI boxed logos.

It seems to be a pirate release as is not allowed to be sold on this marketplace.

A forum about Beatles Collecting have this discussion in 2011:

This UK version is probably a recent counterfeit/pirate or whatever you call it. Possibly one of countless recent coloured vinyl "reissues" that include many rare Beatles LPs from around the world.

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