I'm trying to find a song that I remember listening to between 2005 and 2007. It would have been on the radio in the U.S. (Missouri specifically). I remember looking up lyrics for the song during that period, but I can't remember any of them.

It was a hard rock/metal song with a male lead singer. I think the band only had the one real release because their name escapes me. I also don't think it stayed on the radio for too long. From what I remember, it was about a guy with a job, or maybe performing some service, and maybe was taken for granted. Or maybe they were an a-hole/anti-hero sort of story.

I don't think there was any screaming, maybe some raspy singing, but I think the lyrics were mostly clean, maybe a deeper voice.

I looked through the top 100 rock songs for 2004 - 2007 at that site, and didn't find it.

I want to say it was either a 3-piece or 4-piece band. Unsure if the singer played an instrument. As far as I can remember they used common instruments: guitar, bass, drums. The singer sang in English, with an American accent, so I believe they're an American band.

  • Not The Offspring Why Don't You Get a Job, right? – UnhandledExcepSean Apr 4 at 16:29
  • @UnhandledExcepSean that's a hard no – DForck42 Apr 5 at 22:28

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