I'm remembering an album where an ai/computer was calling a radio station between songs, and the album ended with a run up to nuclear war. Unfortunately all I can remember from the songs is the finale ending in a count down and the radio announcer signing off, "Goodbye". I believe the album was from the 80's but it could have been earlier.


It wasn't an AI, it was a disabled man using a 'talker', similar to the one made famous by Steven Hawking. The rest of your info was spot on - enough for me to recognise it immediately.

Roger Waters - Radio K.A.O.S. - 1987

It was Waters' second solo album after his split from Pink Floyd in 1985. Like his previous and future studio albums and many works of his during his time with Pink Floyd, the album is a concept album that is based on a number of key factors of politics in the late 1980s, including monetarism and its effect on citizens, popular culture of the time, and the events and consequences of the Cold War. It also makes criticisms of Margaret Thatcher's government, much like Pink Floyd's The Final Cut, another album conceived by Waters.

The album follows Billy, a mentally and physically disabled man from Wales, forced to live with his uncle David in Los Angeles after his brother Benny was sent to prison after protesting against the government, following his dismissal from his job in mining due to "market forces". The album explores Billy's mind and view on the world through an on-air conversation between him and Jim, a disc jockey at a local fictitious radio station named Radio KAOS.

The entire album is on YouTube [for now]

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