Why would the final part (03:26+) of Biffy Clyro - Bubbles remind me of something much older? It reminds of some composition from progressive rock of 70-ies...

Could anyone name what the composition or the band in general does it resemble?



The most obvious answer is the shift in time signature. The entire song up to that point is in 4/4, then they change to playing in 7/4. Less conventional time signatures are very common in progressive rock and metal, the latter of which I’d say this more closely resembles. I don’t really listen to prog metal, so unfortunately I can’t give you much deeper insight as to what particular bands they’re emulating.

The other major change in their playing style is the switch to a groove-based musical idea. This isn’t at all specific to prog, but it helps to set the end apart from the rest of the song as well.

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