The Raconteurs is a "supergroup" whose most famous member is White Stripes frontman Jack White. In their song "Level," there's a section with an echoed vocal. In headphones, one voices is in the right and one in the left.

I have a very hard time distinguishing voices, so I can't tell if this is Jack White doing both parts, Jack and someone else, or someone else doing both parts. Does anyone know (or is able to recognize the difference)?

Since it's a so-called supergroup you would think they'd be able to find more than one vocalist to do that part, but on the other hand, Jack White, so...


I suppose the other singer is Brendan Benson, the other singer (and also guitarist) of the band.

Brendan Benson

He is credited as songwriter and producer of this song.

You can also see, in this live recording, that he sings alternately with Jack White.

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