I'm a music fan and I collect vinyl records. Lately I've been using discogs.com which is a very good site for buying records. But I want it on vinyl and for instance I want to buy the releases from Mastercuts that came in the 90s and those are listed as CD only and I don't see any seller listing them on vinyl. However I own a vinyl which is not listed on discogs and is labelled Mastercuts, it is Mastercuts disco which has a blue cover. are there more available?

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Mastercuts was originally Ian Dewhirst, DJ from the famous Leeds, UK club from the 80s - The Warehouse - arguably the first New York-style club in the UK (from where I actually knew him at the time, though haven't seen him in 20-odd years. There was an unknown cloakroom attendant there at the same time… Marc Almond)

The tracks were released through Beechwood. You might have some luck searching Discogs by that name too, but beware...

After Ian left Beechwood, there were still a few high-quality compilations released, but eventually they tailed off into CD-only & dodgy country & western back catalogue bargain-bucket supermarket shelf-fillers, so there's a limited time-period of quality releases. Beechwood went bust but the name was handed around to various companies over the years.

Rare Mastercuts vinyl from the 80s/90s now fetches up to $200 a disk, if you can find it.

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