I was listening to an album on the plane (from Shanghai to Boston) sung in German by a female singer with a contemporary orchestral backing.

However, I have spent hours searching and have been unable to find anything.

I can remember one of the first lyrics in one of the songs sounded like "standing ovations" in english, but it could have been "stehende Ovationen".

Based on the sound of the album, I would imagine it is not older than mid-90s and probably more recent than that.

The orchestral backing reminded me of the non-electronic parts of Hybrid's Finished Symphony. Imagine that with a female vocalist singing in German.

I took a picture of the details on the in-flight system but I think they got the titles and pictures mixed up as the one with the same cover is something else entirely...

Any ideas?


Found it:

Zwischen den Sekunden, by Alexa Feser

Track 2: "Leben" has the first line: Zwischen standing ovations und Reklamation

It took sifting through 17 pages of the most popular albums on amazon.de to find it.

Now the hard part of buying the MP3s from amazon.de with a US credit card address...

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