In the song, In The Flesh Part II from Pink Floyd's album, The Wall, the main character, the rock star Pink Floyd, takes the stage and performs a Hitler-esque hate-speech rally. This continues with a campaign of supremacy and depicts a faction obviously supposed to mimic the Nazis. This all continues up to Waiting For The Worms

My question is, is he trying to convince his fans to join this "Hammer" campaign, or are the events all just in his head?

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Pink does not start a Neo Nazi rally. "Pink isn't well, he stayed back at the hotel", to borrow a line from In The Flesh Part II. In fact, Pink is in a drug-induced stupor in a hotel room and is watching a British movie called The Dam Busters (1955), which centers around World War II, when he begins to hallucinate about the rally.

Obviously, there's a tie-in to Roger Waters' father's death in WWII and his well documented hatred for playing the huge stadiums they played on the Animals tour, which culminated in Waters actually spitting on a fan in anger at the tour finale in Montreal, Gilmour walking off stage before the encore because he was so disgusted with Waters, and Waters' concept of building a wall between the band and the audience (which they literally did on the tour for The Wall in 1980).

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