I like the style of the song and I would like to hear more music of that style!

Here is the link:



This is probably closest to Neo-Soul (which is a sub-genre of @Bebs's suggestion of contemporary R&B).

Neo soul is a genre of popular music. The term was coined by music industry entrepreneur Kedar Massenburg during the late 1990s to market and describe a style of music that emerged from soul and contemporary R&B. Heavily based in soul music, neo soul is distinguished by a less conventional sound than its contemporary R&B counterpart, with incorporated elements ranging from jazz, funk, hip hop and electronic to pop, fusion, and African music. It has been noted by music writers for its traditional R&B influences, conscious-driven lyrics, and strong female presence.

Compare these neo-soul classics by female vocalists:

Jill Scott - Golden
Angie Stone - No More Rain
Lauryn Hill - Sweetest Thing


I suggest Contemporary R&B, sometimes simply called R&B (that must be distinguished with Rhythm and Blues).

This song has electronic hip-hop-like drums, jazzy keyboards and smooth vocals.

The Wikipedia article above will give you a lot of R&B artists, such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, R.Kelly, Usher, Mariah Carey...

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