On a train of thought inspired by @Bebs' question, there are many one-off fun aliases made up for "off-contract" work : for example Luther Grosvenor as Arial Bender, Bob Dylan as Blind boy Grunt and so on.

"Blind boy Grunt" appears to have also been used by Janis Ian according to this article, so some overlap with the other question.

Is there a musician who is acknowledged to have used the most (different) one-off aliases ? I mean an alias used in credit for individual work on someone else's project, or for a solo work. If the musician's regular stage name is already an alias, that is included.

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    I suppose misspellings, typos, initials don't count, like this artist.
    – Bebs
    Dec 15 '17 at 7:33
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    alternate spellings I think are still connected to the original name, so not an alias, but valid question.
    – Angst
    Dec 15 '17 at 17:30

Let's not forget a musician so respected, he's often referred to simply as "The Artist", also known as:

Alexander Nevermind, Azifwekaré, Camille (3), Christopher, Crucial (7), Ecnirp, Freddie "The Phantom", Gemini (90), His Royal Badness, Jamie Starr, Joey Coco, John Lewis (23), King (34), Majesty (33), Mr. Simple (2), P. Mann, Rocker Happyfeller, Son Of A King, The Artist (Formerly Known As Prince), The Starr * Company, The Symbol, Tora Tora (5), and

enter image description here

List is from https://www.discogs.com/artist/28795-Prince and includes 23 aliases, not including his Twitter handles and his real name (Prince Rogers Nelson). It's also worth noting he wrote or produced a number of chart-topping hits under those alternate monikers. I think my favorite might be "Azifwekaré" (try pronouncing it out loud). (I'm not sure how to tell which among these he only used once).

  • Several of those are nonsense. He never called himself "Crucial" or "His Royal Badness", for instance.
    – BCdotWEB
    Dec 15 '17 at 16:49
  • An alias needs to be associated with a definite credit or "artist's name" for a work in order to count. However, that is what discogs as a site is about, and although the recordings made as "Crucial" and "His Royal Badness" are bootlegs, they still happened. Harder to be certain of the connection, but I guess they are authenticated in some other way.
    – Angst
    Dec 15 '17 at 17:38
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    So a name a bootlegger uses to print up CDs on the sly now counts as an "official" alias? Come on, let's be serious. "King", "Majesty", "Mr. Simple", "P. Mann", "Son Of A King", "Crucial", "Gemini", "His Royal Badness", "The Symbol" are simply irrelevant nonsense.
    – BCdotWEB
    Jan 22 '18 at 11:22

Answering my own question here, but hope that someone can top this with another answer.

The BBG article also mentions "Bob Landy", "Tedham Porterhouse" and "Robert Milkwood Thomas" as Dylan aliases. American Routes blog adds "Elston Gunn", "Boo Wilbury" and "Sergei Petrov". And "Bob Dylan" is already an alias, so this makes for a score of 7.

but he is outdone by electro DJ Richard James with 9 : ("AFX", "Polygon Window", "Caustic Window", "Blue Calx", "The Dice Man", "GAK", "Power-Pill", "Q-Chastic", "The Tuss"). wiki


If you have 9, I have 10.

Richie Hawtin has 17 aliases according to discogs.com

"Buzz" Aldrin, 80xx, Childsplay (9), Chrome (7), Circuit Breaker, Concept 1, F.U.S.E., Forcept 1, Jack Master, N. Armstrong (2), Plastikman, R.H.X., Richard Michaels, Robotman, Spark (6), UP!, Xenon

Those bolded are one-off (only one work associated with that name). I count 10.


Belgian trance producer Laurent Vérronez is also a contender with a possible 27. It looks likely that the DJ/producer world might be the place to find a winner, but Prince clearly has a strong claim.

The list below is compiled from cross-checking Discogs with NL wikipedia

Airwave, Airwave 2, Airwave 3, Cloud 69, Cosmic Junkie, Green Martian (The),Indoctrinate, L Vesonnez,Larry Laffer, Laurent Verzonnez,Lolo, L-Vee, Magnetix, Meridian, Miami Nights, North Pole,Nova(12),Nurbisa,Sagittaire, Symphony Of Drums, U-One, Velvet Girl, V-One, V-Three, V-Two, Worf.

"Worf" is also sometimes "Mr Worf" but I disallowed that.

Some of his aliases are close to his given name, but the misspellings of his name are clearly pronounced differently, so not the same as an alias to ensure correct pronunciation. Likewise if you allow V-One, V-Three, then you have to allow Airwave 2, Airwave 3....


There's an electronic artist called Waqs (amongst other things) who has about 33 different aliases, each alias has a separate and different work attributed to. All (or, at least, most) aliases and works are documented in it's own discogs page, all attributed to one person.


List of some of his/her most known aliases: Waqs, DJ Sailor Moon, Lolipusher, i want to be dead, etc...

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