Good day. Can you please help me identify the song played by the cellist in this video ?

link : https://youtu.be/-qv9VoM41Yw

I hope you can lend me your help. This is my only clue to the song. That was from a k-drama series called Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon...the clip was on Episode 2 between 57:49-58:13 minutes...

Thank you very much in advance. Happy New year. :)


The piece is Salut d'Amour by Edward Elgar. It was originally written for piano and violin, but has been transposed for a variety of instruments. Here's a link to a recording with Joo Yeon Sir and Irina Andrievsky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pbw2k3vFwKY

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