The band Black Sabbath's first album is called Black Sabbath and was released in 1970. The leading track on that album is also called "Black Sabbath." Does anybody know of any other manifestation of this phenomenon?

Are there other examples of bands, whose name appears as both the title of one of their albums and as a song within that album?


The first answer I can think of is Iron Maiden's Iron Maiden in the album Iron Maiden in 1980 so after Black Sabbath in 1970.


Bad Company did the same on their 1974 eponymous album. Can’t think of any others at the moment....

...After looking through my music a second time, I found a few ‘almosts’: Gentle Giant has a song just called Giant on their 1970 eponymous album, and The Monkees put the theme to their TV show of the same name on their 1966 eponymous album, which may or may not ‘count’ depending on sensibilities.


One such example is Motörhead (though the song title is sometimes written without an Umlaut.)


I know of Valkeat, a folk metal band from Finland. They released their debut album, named Valkeat, in 2017 and one of the songs in this album is called Valkeat.


Also in 1970 Dutch prog band Focus released their debut studio album 'In and Out of Focus' (earlier released as 'Focus Plays Focus'), the first and last tracks of which were instrumental and vocal versions of a track called 'Focus'.

(They later had umpteen albums with 'Focus' in the title somewhere plus a single and an album called 'Hocus Pocus'.)

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