Some time ago I watched a music video, that I remember enjoying both the music and story told by the video.

I'm struggling to find it, I don't remember the song name, artist, or any lyrics, all I can remember vaguely is some parts of the video. There are Teenagers that enjoy their teenager lives, one of them looks like Will Poulter, or so I remember reading in the comments, another one of them gets beaten up by some other guy while working on a convenience store or a fast food restaurant... while some other guys, I think his friends, watching.

Help me find it please, each second that passes without me knowing anything more is pure suffering. Hope you can help me.


The song is Arcade Fire's The Suburbs.

You can see the teenagers enjoying life, having fun, but I some point, things go bad and one gets indeed beaten up at 4:41.

The guy that works in a fast food:

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The name of the song "Skip to the good bit" by Rizzle Kicks. That had Will Poulter on the video.

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    if you add link to a YT vid of this, then all the information is together in one place – Angst Sep 16 '18 at 9:25

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