On the 3rd album of the Beastie Boys Check Your Head, to start the track Professor Booty, there is what sounds like dialogue to a movie:

Yo I don't hang out with those guys. Man I ain't got nothin to do with those dudes.

Man, I saw your female with them too, what's up with her? I been hearin that she's been givin that stuff out to all them graffiti guys.

Yo, shut the fuck up, chico man!

I could paint three o' those murals for some o' dat ass...

Is this from a movie? What is it?


According to Genius, that snippet of dialogue is taken from the 1983 hip-hop movie, Wild Style.

Here a video of this sequence.


That dialogue is from the Original Movie "Wild Style". It's between Lee and Chicko about Lady Pink his then real life girlfriend.

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